Review 8 of 12

August 2019

And just like that the Summer is almost over. Just a few days and the worst Sunday feeling every will kick in as the return to school looms heavy!


When I left you at the end of July we were a few days in to our Tenby camping holiday. Monday to Friday on a lovely campsite just outside Tenby. In our excitement we decided to book an extra night half way down. A cute little Air Bnb near Powys.

It was a static caravan and hardly the luxury we usually choose, but it was in an ideal location on a working farm surrounded by beautiful views. We stopped at Croft castle on the way down which is a fabulous National Trust site.

Croft Castle
The Grand Croft Castle

I think we probably all enjoyed the play area more than we should do. What is it with the judgy looks from other parents when you’re playing with your children?? Seriously people, lighten up, it’s called fun. Although I guess we did look a little odd playing Marco Polo in a giant play castle. Only young once hey!

Playtime at Croft Castle
Playing Marco Polo, F is winning while the others are searching blind!

Once at the caravan, Rob and F went off to buy BBQ supplies while the girls are I were given a tour of the farm. The owners were so friendly and the girls loved seeing the animals on the farm, the poor farmer was bombarded with questions about the bulls and why they were being kept away from the lady cows. Made for some funny moments.

The following day we headed to the Breacon Beacons to meet friends who were staying locally. A walk around some beautiful waterfalls reminded me again How lucky are we to live in the UK. We had such a lovely day before heading off to Tenby.

Walking with friends
Friends in the Hills

We felt quietly optimistic that the weather was onside… That’s until we reached the campsite and the heavens opened. Rob and I had to put the tent up in the pouring rain while the kids hid in the car. I have never been so wet before, even in the shower!

Thankfully the weather was kinder to us during the week and we were able to spend some time at the beautiful award winning beach (As Rob likes to tell everyone!) I HATE the beach, I love the sea but I really hate sand. It just gets everywhere, I swear a month later and my washing machine is still full of it. As I sit in the sand though, book in hand, sun shining and watching the children enjoy the freedom of the beach, I wonder if it is so bad after all.

We had a wonderful week with lots of memories made.


Zoo Time

With the sun-shining a day out at the zoo was in order. This time Twycross. It is on the doorstep and always been a firm favourite. I was amazed to see how much had changed over the last few years. They have done a lot of work and it looks great.

We had a beautiful day and I even spotted a couple of rare breeds…

Rare breeds at Twycross Zoo
Feeding time at the zoo, Its amazing what you find behind the glass these days!


Wedding Planning

Now I know this makes a regular appearance on my monthly round up, usually I am promising to do more. Well after having my arse kicked by my Maid of Honor and bridesmaid in just 24 hours, I really had to make a start.

24 hours later, a photographer was booked, save the dates ordered, make up artist, hairdressers and videographer contacted and guest list finalised.

It feels great to really get going and to have my wedding journal quickly filling up.

A week later we met the Vicar again, He is just so nice! He has given us some homework to do before we meet again in February next year. We certainly came away excited, it really feels so real now and I can’t wait!

483 days to go…


Going Conkers

Thanks to a Groupon voucher, we had an impromptu day out at Conkers. It is a huge adventure park. There is so much to do from the minute you walk in.

We all had fun on the huge indoor play area, climbing and crawling through tunnels. Although it was probably the first time I realised that my knees are beginning to age!

The children and Rob were desperate to do the Barefoot walk, one of Conkers biggest attractions. I on the other hand was happy to sit this one out…

They must have gone round 4 times. Mucky and happy, I was grateful for the clean up area!

The barefoot walk at Conkers
The barefoot walk at Conkers

I think the highlight for the children was the activity trail. Think ropes, climbing, huge slides and a huge amount of competitiveness. A perfect combination.

Muddy and tired we came home to watch a film together. It was a pretty perfect day!


Think Tank Monday

Not only did we get to visit the Think Tank in Birmingham today, we got to spend the day with Auntie M!

We love the Think Tank as I have talked about before 10 Great Family days out in the Midlands but this time we were surprised at just how much things had changed. Sadly for F the new playarea ‘Mini Brum’ is for under 8’s. He had a little play and we both agreed it was amazing! I think you could probably spend hours in there with younger children.

House Building at the Think Tank
Building in ‘Mini Brum’

I love going here with F because he still walks around like its all brand new even though we have been there more times than I can remember.


The hardest month

21st August will always be a date I dread for the rest of my life. And 2019 marked one year since we said goodbye to my Mum. I won’t talk to much about that as you can read that Here

We went and had afternoon tea at her favourite place. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea at the Quicken Tree

What I didn’t expect was just how hard it hit me. I knew it would be difficult but I kind of didn’t allow myself to realise the true extent of the pain I’d feel. It was just like those first few days again.

My brain just didn’t work right, I just wanted to stay in my bed. I couldn’t manage noise, my patience was non existent and my concentration at an all time low.

The fog has lifted a little a week later but it’s this pain that continues to burden me. I know it’ll fade over time, I just need to ride the storm.


Drayton Manor

We try and spend as many of our Fridays with my bestie and godsons as we can in the holidays and with the sun on our side, we decided to head to Drayton Manor.

My godson is Thomas mad so it made for a very exciting day. The highlight had to be the journey. He’d been told we were going to see the waterfalls again and he was looking forward to it.

It was only when he saw the Thomas sign that he realised we’d tricked him. His reaction was priceless and I am so glad I caught it on camera.

It was a very hot and very busy day at Drayton Manor but we enjoyed all Thomas land had to offer. A particular favourite were the splash rides. It offered a welcome relieve to the hot temperatures.


Playing at Thomas Land
Extra’s in Thomas Land


My Godson was very disappointed when the Train broke down in spectacular fashion right in front of us. He was very worried about poor Percy but his worries were put to rest when he had a very cute conversation with the fat controller (can we still call him that??) It was adorable and thankfully Percy needed a rest overnight before he’d be back on the rails again tomorrow much to his delight.

We lasted all day and I’m not sure about the kids but I was exhausted, sign of a good day though I guess.


Cotswolds wildlife park


This was a summer bucket list must. It is by far my favourite zoo, well 2nd only to Chester Zoo.

If you’ve been, you’ll know just how beautiful this place is. Of course a wildlife park is about the animals but the fact that the surroundings are so beautiful makes for a perfect day.

It has a very natural feel to it. The animals seem to have a huge amount of freedom in comparison to some other Zoo’s and they almost feel as if they are in touching distance. From penguins that are behind a 3 foot wall to the 4 Rhino’s which walk around the front lawn of the main building with only a ditch separating you and the walkway that takes you up to the giraffes, this place really makes you feel like you’re as close as you can safely be to these wild animals.



As we were in the area, we decided to stop in at Bourton on the way home. We knew it would be rammed but we figured if we could get parked we’d take a wander.

We parked with ease and headed down to the river. To say it was busy would be an understatement. But wow, what a place to be in the sunshine. Beautiful atmosphere and children happily playing and laughing in the water.

A great end to a lovely day and the best way to cool down. Plus another ticked off my UK Bucket list.

Keeping cool in the river at Bourton-On-The-Water
Keeping cool in the river


Back to school

I am so not ready for returning to normality but as this last week is flying by, I can’t help but look back and feel incredibly grateful about how much we have been able to do, all the people we’ve been able to catch up with and all the wonderful places we’ve visited.

I suppose if I have to go back to work, it is better to go back with 6 weeks of magical memories made together.

It is also high school time… But I am in denial about that. Maybe I’ll update you in Septembers review!


I hope you’ve all had a fabulous summer. Are you looking forward to the Autumn?




33 thoughts on “Review 8 of 12

  1. We love Burton on the Water, we have been there many times and Cotswold Wildlife Park. Tenby is a place I would like to visit,
    I am sorry about your mum, those anniversaries are always hard, I know this well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i really want to visit tenby as its not that far from us , actually to tkink of it i still cant believe that we havent visited as yet x – kind regards Pati Robins at style squeeze blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, you really have been out and about! Putting me to shame. 😂 Breacon and Bourton are both lovely. Great to honour your mum too – such a sweet thing to do. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It really sounds like you had an awesome summer! Lots of activities and days out, I love a good zoo, always like taking my little one. I’m so sorry about your mum, the first few anniversaries always feel a little empty, it was 10 years for me at the start of august. Its lovely you went to her favourite place for afternoon tea, what a lovely way to remember your mum.

    Jordanne ||

    Liked by 1 person

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