A Summer bucket list update

Well what a wonderful Summer we have had. I won’t listen to any weather negativity because I am going to say it… It has been pretty kind to us over the last 6 weeks. Yes we saw some rain but we have also had some lovely sunny days. I am even sporting a bit of a tan.

The rainy days have given me some time though for some much needed rest and relaxation. That makes me very happy.

abstract bright colorful cover
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I thought it would be nice to update out summer list and see just how much we managed to tick off.

It’s very easy to sit back at the end of the holidays and forget just how much we have achieved. Honestly just the other day I felt like all I had achieved this summer was changing the clock on my car to finally tell the right time! I mean this is huge! But I know we have done more than that.


Here’s how we got on.


1.Go for a walk each day – I think this was pretty successful, even on the warmest days we managed to get out and about but we could have done more for sure.


2.  Have afternoon tea – Not just once but twice!


3. Go camping – Done and done!

Me and a Tent
Just me and my Tent

4. Eat fish and chips at the seaside – Yes and it was delicious, I even had fish and I never eat fish!

Fish and chips at the Seaside
Fish and chips at the Seaside

5. Go to Liverpool – What a lovely weekend we had, I still think about it a lot. It was perfect.

The Cavern Club
A weekend in Liverpool

6. Go for a bike ride – First failure! Our bikes are at the bottom of the garden and thanks to the contractors the garden is a bit of a bombsite, nails, screws and broken stuff. Probably best the bikes stay where they are safe.

7. Make ice cream sundaes – We might of done had it not been for losing a whole freezers worth of food once and half a freezer a week later!

8. Bake a cake (I am no baker so the challenge is on!) – I did it with my boy and thankfully he is pretty good!

Wonky Cake
Wonky Chocolate cake!


9. Go to Cotswold wildlife park – I am so glad we made it here, it really is one of my most favourite places to be.

The Rhino's at Cotswold
The Rhino’s at Cotswold


10. Visit an outdoor pool – Technically we have BEEN to one but it was too busy to enjoy! I guess you could class our trip to Bourton as it gave the children a chance to play in real outdoor water!

Cooling off in the water
Cooling off in the water


11.Have a water fight – Again the garden is out of action but they certainly had plenty of water fight fun in the pool and the river.

12. Spend all day in our Pyjamas – Those pesky builders put this one to bed! Its like Russian roulette, will they arrive today or won’t they? Can’t risk lazing in bed and getting in the shower while they work on the scaffolding outside the bathroom window can I?

13. Have a movie marathon – We have watched some great films over the summer both at home and the cinema. This summer though has been all about the box set binge, you can see what I have been watching Here

popcorn on disposable cup
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

14. Read 4 books – 3! I mean this is huge really. Ok so I haven’t quite finished the 3rd but it’s massive. Maybe by Christmas…

15. Teach F to cook something new – This summer F has been perfecting his baking skills and he is getting pretty good and rather inventive with his flavours.

He has also been perfecting his egg cooking, sadly with a little less success!

Practising his egg frying
Practising his egg frying


16. Do an act of kindness – I bought the builders ice creams when the weather was hot!

17. Go punting in Cambridge – Rob had bought a Groupon Voucher for us when we visited Cambridge, but as the weather wasn’t great we decided to go back with the children.

Here is a lesson for you… Make sure you read the small print. Turns out its a Monday to Friday deal so of no use to us! And now sadly expired.

18. Go bowling – Maybe in the Autumn!

sport alley ball game
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

19. Watch a film at the cinema – The Lion King, Spiderman – Far from home and the shockingly bad ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood.

20. Wash my car (I have been promising Finley a chance to do this all year!) – YES! A clean car! For one whole week before I took 2 children in my car camping, don’t worry I didn’t leave a third child at home, camping involves 2 cars!

Car washing
Car washing


21. Have an at home spa day – I painted my nails, does this count??


22. Have a breakfast picnic – Check! This was a lot of fun. We even followed it up with a lunch time outdoor picnic!



23. Play at the amusement arcades – How can you possibly go to the seaside and not indulge in some 2p machine action??

At the arcade
2p machine’s are the best!

24. Explore somewhere new – We have been to so many places this holiday, some that we have been to before but lots that we’d never experienced together.

25. Have a board game day – We might have done this had it not been for a disastrous morning with a new game. It captured no one’e attention, they argued over counters and all felt cheated by the rules… Very happy to admit defeat on this one!

26. Meet friends at the park – Purely by chance this one was completed.

27. Go to a food fair –  I can tick this off in a few weeks

lunch table
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

28. Interview the children – Thanks to my Journal Prompts we really enjoyed completing this one.

29. Create a family bucket list – We couldn’t agree on a board game, this activity would be a nightmare!

30. Make our Disney scrapbooks – FAIL! All my craft bits are hiding in amongst all the stuff we’ve had to move out of the attic. I can’t think of anything more soul destroying than trying to work my way through it all to find it.

person holding photo of plant
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

31. Picnic somewhere we’ve never been before – I honestly have no idea how many picnics I have made this summer. I feel like we’ve not eaten a sandwich indoors all summer.

32. Visit family – Oh yes! I got to spend a lot of time with Dad over the holidays as well as catching up with the in-laws and lots of other family. I love it!

33. Have a back to school party – We didn’t manage this one but we did go to a family picnic party in our local park so I might cheat this one!

34. Go Swimming – Pool and the sea!

Paddling in the sea
Paddling in the sea

35. Visit as many National Trust properties as we can fit in – Not as many as I’d like to have done but we did make the most of our passes this summer.


Did you have a bucket list this year? How did you get on with working through it? Do you feel it helps you to fit as much in as you can?




74 thoughts on “A Summer bucket list update

  1. Thanks for sharing this bucket list. I go bowling, bake cake, meet friends and relatives but there are so many things in this list which i have to do. Thanks again for sharing it

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great idea, want to create a short term bucket list for myself as well. I love the “go for a walk each day” goal, that’s something I’m aiming for myself. It seems my best insights and ideas come during walks, and it’s great exercise (plus more incentive to explore).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You guys have really been busy this summer!! I do like the idea of sitting down and reminding yourselves of everything you’ve done. Kids especially have a tendency to forget and say they’ve done nothing… 😅
    Although one thing we disagree on – I enjoyed Once Upon A Time in Hollywood! (Although I’ll give you the questionable finale..!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I didn’t even make it to the final, I walked out after 50 minutes.

      I totally agree about Kids just saying ‘Nothing’ when asked, my kids have done the same. In fact my youngest say’s her highlight was getting new socks for camping!!!

      I mean COME ON!!


  4. It sounds like you have had a jam packed summer! I love looking back over my bucket list for the seasons. I have recently scheduled a similar post! I wanted to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood too but I’ve heard only bad things about it! Oh, and painting your nails definitely counts! X

    Liked by 1 person

  5. first of all = wow that is a long bucket list ! – and most importantly congrats for ticking so much of your list – you have done loads ! and you be able to look back on this post – kind regards Pati Robins at stylesqueeze blog

    Liked by 1 person

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