Our Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Fun

Following on from Our Summer Bucket List and all the fun we had, I really wanted to think about one for Autumn as well.

I am currently sat in a coffee shop in Birmingham enjoying some much needed ‘me’ time while I compile a list of possible activities we can enjoy as a family.

I love Autumn time but I will be honest, I tend to go in to hibernation mode and just see it as one giant build up to the Christmas period – Yes I dropped the C word already… Deal with it!

This year I am determined to make far more of the season and all the beautiful things it has to offer.


Autumn Bucket List


◊ Go pumpkin picking at Malt Kiln Farm

◊ Go for a walk in the crispy leaves

◊ Cook stew with the children

◊ Go and watch the fireworks

◊ Have an autumn picnic

◊ Have a full on duvet day with pillow forts, munchies and movies

◊ Get on top of the garden before Winter

◊ Go to a craft Fair

◊ Make soup

◊ Donate food to the local food bank

◊ Read 3 books

◊ Watch the Sunset

◊ Write our names with Sparklers

◊ Have a weekend away

◊ Do an Autumn scavenger hunt

◊ Toast Marshmallows

◊ Carve Pumpkins

◊ Watch Halloween films together

◊ Watch our first Christmas film

◊ Apple bobbing

 I can’t wait to make the most of this year.

Do you have a bucket list for the Autumn? What’s top of your list?



60 thoughts on “Our Autumn Bucket List

  1. This is a great list with some fab things to do on it, I hope you manage to tick most of them off. I’ve got a few things on my autumn bucket list (I have a similar blog post!) but top of my list is to get married!! We’re having an autumn themed wedding so it’s very much in the spirit of the season. 😊

    Hayley | https://www.thriceuponadream.com

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  2. Me and my mum were talking about going to craft fairs this autumn 🙂 and I love the idea of an autumn picnic! I might try that one. One of mine is to finish knitting the blanket I started for my little boy so that he can have it for the winter.

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  3. Fall is such a fun time of the year. We have apple and pumpkin picking on our list of things to do this fall. It is alot of fun because the farms around our area do such a nice job hosting and having things be very kid friendly too!

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  4. I love Autumn so much, I’m so excited for it! I love cozy evenings. I don’t have a bucket list per se, although we will be doing pumpkin carving for sure, and watching lots of Halloweeny films when October gets here. Pumpkin pie tooo! But the big chore is putting the garden to bed for the winter, so it’s not such a big job come next Spring.

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  5. Autumn is my most favorite season,but Christmas is my most favorite holiday. We have many traditions we do when Autumn arrives, very similar to your bucket list. I do see a few things on there that I may add to our traditions…Thanks

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  6. I love this list! I was just just looking up some new crock pot stews to try this fall. Today it’s mushroom soup. I’ve never made a bucket list for the season but it’s such a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing! I think a pillow fort day is needed soon. Great post!!!


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