Review 9 of 12



I knew that September would be a slightly quieter month than most. It’s the start of new routines and it can take a little while to adjust to bring back at work and school.

I feel like we haven’t done much this month but I’m almost sure once I sit down to write this, I’ll be surprised just how much we got up to.

Back to school.

It was my turn to go back to school first. Thankfully a couple of training days to ease us in gently, adjust to reality!

We had a brilliant training session on Values based education. It was delivered by Doctor Neil Hawkes and his wife Jane.

I found the whole thing fascinating, it really made me sit and think about the importance of values in our day to day life and just how important it is that we teach our children about these key values.

And as returns to work go it was a pretty good one, plus a little return to work gift bag with coffee, chocolate, a notebook and a copy of the Hawkes book was a lovely little surprise.

Big school!!

A few days later and it was F’s turn to start High school.

To say we were both feeling it would be an understatement. The uniform was ready, everything labelled and reality was really kicking in.

I knew he’d be ok at school but it was the thought of leaving him at home, to get himself out of the house and tackle the walk to school and home again by alone was more than my poor heart could manage.

He does have a phone that he can use, and the arrangement was that he’d text when he arrived and when he got home.

So you can imagine on his first day when no text arrived that I was on high alert! Thank god for Find your iPhone! At least I knew he was on the school site.

And now 3 weeks later he is Mr Independent and suddenly I’ve gone the complete opposite way, I no longer worry about him as he text me daily and now I am asking him if he minds if I’m home later than normal from work so I can go shopping or run errands! Oh how the tables have turned!

He is doing so well in school and on my first chat with his tutor he informed me that he is a delightful pupil with a very bright future ahead of him, he says he hopes F will take an active leadership role within school and he said he can’t wait to see what an exceptional year 11 pupil he will be.

Proper proud Mumma tears!


This month I was over the moon to receive my first gifted items as a blogger. Little wedding treasures sent me some beautiful personalised items for my wedding. I then wrote about all wonderful goodies Rachael has available. It was really nice to have items sent to you and do all the research it takes to do a post of this nature.

I love the idea of helping people out with their business as well, much like blogging it can be hard to spread the word so I was glad to be able to do this for Little Wedding Treasures.


Movie night

We were invited by our friends to come and have dinner. Now as any parent will tell you, it is hard finding the time to socialise with friends when you both have children. The solution in this case was bring them along! My friend catered for the children and us like a pro. Much better than I could, I’m not a born entertainer! And the children had a movie night, PJ’s popcorn and milkshakes. This meant the adults could eat and chat in peace.

I have to say I am guilty of not socialising because it is easier to stay at home with the kids but this was the ideal solution and the next one is in the calendar already!


60 to 70 In the blink of an eye

We celebrated my wonderful Auntie M’s 70th birthday this month. A big family event at a hotel near where she lives. It is always lovely to see everyone together and in particular the children. Cousin’s really are the best thing ever when you’re that age. They had so much fun together.

I am just not sure how it has been 10 years since we celebrated in the same place for her 60th. It was hard not to think about Mum not being there.

But I honestly had such a lovely day. Here’s to planning her 80th birthday!

Food festival

Did someone say food? Yum!

One of our Our Summer Bucket List ideas that we didn’t quite get to was visit a food festival.

Well it would seem it’s not really a summer activity because since going back to school, all I’ve seen is food festivals being advertised all over!

We decided to visit one at War memorial park in Coventry.

It was a beautiful day and we all had some wonderful street food while basking in the glorious sunshine.

The best bit for me was the view. The whole park is full of trees in various stages of Autumn. I absolutely adore Autumn and all the colour and vibrancy it brings with it, so being able to enjoy the warm sun while getting all the Autumn feels was perfect.

Wedding planning continues

This month Rob and I were able to attend the National wedding fair at the NEC. We went this time last year but with the children and it was no fun for them so in turn no fun for us!

This time it was much calmer and productive. I love being able to spend time together just the two of us in the day. I know that sounds silly because we spend so much time together but adult alone time is so rare but so valuable.

We’ve come away with lots of ideas and big excited butterflies in our tummies!

Home improvements?

This month Rob and I chatted about the lack of progress on our home.

To give a bit of history, we have a large Victorian style town house, when Rob bought it, it needed a complete ‘do over’ but it was obvious from the first time I walked in that this was an amazing house with huge potential.

We decorated the living room and family room last year, had new flooring in and added pictures etc but never got beyond that. We needed to finish it off to really show off all our hard work.

Since the loft work began 12 (long) weeks ago, we’ve had a serious lack of umph to do what we needed to do.

Disheartened by the lack of progress, we decided to make the changes we needed to gain back control and fall in love with these two finished rooms.

A quick Ikea trip and we came away with a new TV unit and storage, and I love it! I even bought some house plants to finish it off.

Now we spend our evenings in a room that we love, candles on and snuggled up. Perfect for this time of year.

In even bigger news we finally have a roof and are weatherproof! I can’t tell you how relieved we are.

We are a long way off being finished up there and timescales are a little sketchy but I feel very excited about what’s to come, although maybe if it could wait until after Christmas I’d be a little less stressed about it!

I do love our home and I can’t wait to see all the hard work come together.

And that’s it, September was as I thought it would be a fairly low key one.

It has been lovely to spend some more time at home together as a family, Sunday’s have been spent doing homework, watching films and generally just enjoying each other’s company. This time is so valuable.

How has your September been? Was yours a little quieter than the full on summer months?

Are you looking forward to October?

29 thoughts on “Review 9 of 12

  1. Sounds like you have had a brilliant month, Claire! That’s great that F is getting on so well at school, you must be super proud. Wishing you all the best with your wedding plans and yay for home improvements, snuggling up and watching films is perfect for this time of year! Have a lovely week! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  2. Oh wow September was a great month full of new milestones and great thing. What a milestone for your not so little one to start big school. Oh and yay for your first big blogger gifted item, so lovely tho.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I actually love September as it always feels like a fresh start and a great time to set new intentions. We’ve been busy just getting back into the usual routines, same as you!

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  4. I’m so glad you’re getting to enjoy your house. We are planning to move, so I know how lack of progress feels, and also how good it feels when things get done, ha!


  5. Oh my goodness! It sounds like you had a crazy busy month! I was getting tired just reading about it! Congrats on the blogger gift – aren’t those the best!! Mine was pretty mediocre and boring except for one week where we went to Florida! Just hoping for a calm October myself…

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  6. Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning. My daughter has recently got engaged but it seems like a millions miles away as they are not planning on doing it until 2022, I know it will come around quickly though


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