5 things to know about 5 year olds

Children are complicated at any age but at 5 years old, well I tell you what, I’d forgotten from F being 5 just how complex these little people are.


So here are the 5 things you need to know about your 5 year old and what makes them tick…


5 things you need to know about your 5 year old


1. They are Sassy as hell!

Reception year is a bit of a scary prospect for them but year 1? Well they are now so full of confidence that they may as well be in year 11.

They want it all, they are 5 going on 15.

Yes the work in school is a little harder but it’s still fun and you’re almost free from any real responsibility.

This gives them the freedom to take on the world and they can do it while wearing florescent leggings, a miss match top, a tutu and some kind of elaborate hair accessory in a way that anyone over the age of 5 just could not get away with.


2. Just when you think you know them….

Bang!! There personality does a complete 360º and suddenly its like you’re living with someone new!

They don’t like the same things they liked yesterday, they might have a slight accent change, they might be more affectionate or needy or they may not want you anywhere near them.

I think this is just a huge ploy to keep us parents on our toes so that we don’t become complacent in our parenting!


3. Hangry, tired and emotional are a given

Much like a baby, these 3 things should be your go to if they seem out of sorts.

Ask yourself…

How long since they were fed?

Did they get 12 hours last night?

Have they wet themselves?

Do they have wind?

These remain very valid questions to ask when trying to de-code sensitive 5 year old behaviour and in my experience its normally bang on the money.


4. The last word….

Give up now, I urge you for your own sanity. Now the last word belongs to the 5 year old, ALWAYS the 5 year old.

You can try but any attempt to get the final word in any conversation, argument or even a gentle discussion is pointless.

Save your breathe and walk away, that little sassy pants will win!


5. You are their whole world

Despite the need to challenge you, outsmart you and generally rule the world, these sassy, clever little sponges love you more than anything in the world. Maybe more than Unicorns and Mermaids and that is HUGE!

When they declare their love for you, it is meant with every ounce of their being and they will continue to seek your approval and love in everything they do.

They look up to you if they choose to admit it or not and there is no feeling quite like it.


Do you have a sassy five year old that brings you to the brink of your parenting capabilities before throwing their arms around you and declaring their undying love to you?

Is there anything you’d add to this list?




38 thoughts on “5 things to know about 5 year olds

  1. 5 yr olds are fun…. I currently have a 7 yr old that is giving the age of 5 a run for its money lol. that being said he’s been a handful since birth so… lucky he’s my last one thats all I have to say!


  2. Oh Claire – This takes me back – mine are 23, 20 & 17 – but I do remember when the middle one was in year one and he heard the then PM, Tony Blair, talking on the television. The next thing I knew was that my boy had penned a letter, in his best rather wonky newly learned joined up writing, telling Mr Blair that if school was the best days of our lives it would be called Chessington World of Adventures (an adventure park near us)!! The spelling was a bit dodgy but it could be understood and he insisted we send it to Downing Street – a reply came several weeks later saying he made a very good point. Sassy 5 year old!!! Claire x


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