Journal prompts for the list lovers

It has been several months since I began sharing my Journal prompt series. I love sharing these with you and seeing people’s responses to the prompts.

The Perfect Autumn Journal Prompts in particular proved really popular on social media.

One of the reason’s I journal is because I love to use a pen and paper to write. Of course blogging is where my heart is but I love picking up a pen.

I will often write list upon list just to have a reason to write. Well that and because I love a good list.

When thinking about where my next set of prompts were going to take me, with my love of lists in mind, I decided it might be fun to come up with a list to write each day, so here goes.


November Journal prompts


  1. Top 5 Films
  2. Top 5 Books
  3. Best TV Shows of all time
  4. Favourite things to do
  5. Ultimate Bucket list
  6. Favourite holiday destinations
  7. 5 Things I need to do
  8. All the countries you’ve visited
  9. Whats on your TBR (To be read) List
  10. Skills you’d like to learn
  11. Goals you have to achieve
  12. Things you’re grateful for
  13. Things to do with the children
  14. Your favourite smells
  15. People you want to spend time with
  16. Favourite childhood films
  17. Best self care activities
  18. Your favourite foods
  19. Best memories
  20. Your weekly meal plan
  21. What’s currently on your shopping list
  22. Whats on your wish list
  23. What are you saving for
  24. Weekly to do list
  25. Blog post ideas
  26. Your favourite words
  27. Thankful list
  28. What makes you happy
  29. A list of Firsts – First kiss/job/album/date/concert etc
  30. Favourite bloggers


Why a list of lists?

I know lots of people love a list and I feel that it is important to stop and remind ourselves of the important things in life.

By writing a list each day, it’ll act as a reminder for all that we love, all that we hope to do and achieve and remind us what we work so hard for. And maybe it’ll help you to prioritise as well… Bonus!


A journal does not always need to be serious or deep, it is important to enjoy it and use it as a chance to switch off at the end of the day.


I am looking forward to starting this one and using it as a time of reflection.


Happy journaling to you all, I hope you find these prompts useful and most importantly, FUN!

Journal prompts for List lovers
Journal prompts for list lovers

77 thoughts on “Journal prompts for the list lovers

  1. I love this! What a great way of remembering the things you liked at certain points in your life. I find prompts so handy when you’re sitting staring at a blank page.


  2. I love lists they a great way to keep organised. Sometimes it’s useful to see others list a it remind you of things to add to your own. Yours are all great for blog post ideas!


  3. Oh I love this! I love thinking about stuff like this… “favourite smells” I’ve definitely mentioned a few smells I love so fun to think about it in depth!


  4. I never thought about journaling list like this. I can definitely see how this would spark my creative side and help me to take my mind off of the troubles of the world.


  5. I am such a list junkie. i have lists of lists of lists and a million different notebooks. you can never have enough lists! love this!


  6. I love this list and it very similar to my list for journaling or blogging. On my list I have favourite childhood books? Favourite fashion trends you wish that could come back? Top 5 games for game night?


  7. I love making lists, it’s just something super satisfying with making them right! Kinda puts your life in perspective and gives you some order. I think that’s why we like lists so much. They are a great way of organising your thoughts and ideas. Great post!

    Laura /


  8. What could be better than a list? A list of list ideas! Wow.

    I really like this post, and although we are now six days into November, I think I might try to do this for the rest of the month! I love how positive this is – it’s not really about self-improvement, it’s about gratitude, and I definitely think that most of us could use more of that. Particularly as Christmas creeps closer.

    Thank you for sharing this – it’s made me feel a little hopeful and a little reflective.

    Liked by 1 person

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