How to make Kindness part of your day

World Kindness day


Today is World Kindness day so it seems only right to celebrate it and mark it’s importance.

While I think a day to encourage kindness is brilliant, what I think would be so much better, is that we all show kindness as often as we can.




Being kind is not simply saying nice things but neither is it making huge gestures for someone else. I believe it can be any small act that brings a smile to someones face, makes someone laugh or generally cheers them up.

Being kind is not a completely selfless act though. Whenever I have done something that could be seen as an act of kindness, I come away feeling good. So why wouldn’t you want to sprinkle that around like glitter? If you can make yourself feel good while helping someone else to feel special then surely you’d jump at the chance?


Random acts of kindness


This has taken off over recent years, and it is a wonderful thing to do. In my experience though, it would seem we are still a littler wary.

A few years ago I put some money in an envelope and sellotaped it to the  vending machine in my office. The machine was used very regularly but for well over a week that money was ignored. It couldn’t be missed, it was blocking the view of all the yummy treats and I had clearly written on the envelope what it was for but there it remained.

I honestly believe we have become un-trusting of such things. Why would someone treat a stranger to a free bag of Crisps or a bar of Chocolate? Well my response would be why not? If that chocolate is going to get you through the afternoon or bring a smile to your face then what could be more rewarding that than?

Then there was the book that someone had left with a note saying ‘Take me home and enjoy and then pass me on’. This remained in the same place for two weeks, I’d of taken it myself but I had the same book at my home.

Wouldn’t it be a really sad world if we all became so dubious of receiving kindness and being kind to others?

Is it simply that we are too busy to stop and think about those around us, friend, family or stranger? Don’t think that I am saying we stopped caring but maybe we just all forget to make time for ourselves and others.


kindness-quotes-8 (1)


Kind words change everything


I have talked before about the kindness of strangers Here, the impact one person can have on you. A simple acknowledgement of someones feeling’s can make all the difference.

Something as simple as saying hello to a stranger on the street or complimenting your friends new haircut, or maybe telling someone what they mean to you, all of these things could potentially change the course of a person’s day.


Christmas Kindness


Now Christmas is well on its way, it is the perfect time to practice some kindness and maybe by New year it’ll become an integral part of the day and we can all spread kindness wherever we go.

Here are some ideas that are easy to do but could really make a difference

  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Pay it backwards – Pay for the person behind you in a coffee shops drink
  • Leave money in a parking meter
  • Call a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while
  • Say Hello to people as you pass in the street
  • Send a Thank you note to the home with the best Christmas lights
  • Give up your space in the supermarket queue
  • Offer to babysit for a friends children
  • Make biscuits to share with a local organisation
  • Buy some flowers for a person who may need a reason to smile
  • Compliment people
  • Take some clothes you no longer wear to your local charity shop
  • Leave a book you’ve read for someone else to find
  • Take a picture of the children with an ‘We Love you’ sign and send to anyone who needs to see it
  • Make mince pies and share with friends
  • Give someone a hug that might need one
  • Share your friends businesses on Social media, People love to buy local and small businesses always need a boost
  • Donate money to a charity close to you heart
  • Leave a motivational quote in public
  • Offer to run an errand for family or friends
  • Leave Candy canes on the windscreen of cars at your work place
  • Make sure to tell those around you how much they mean to you
  • Pay it forward – Make sure the kindness you’re shown is passed on


Now there are so many more ways to show kindness to others but these I think are lovely ideas over the festive season, but as I said previously, there is no act of kindness too small and quite often those small acts are huge to the recipient.

Remember, you never really know what someone is going through. The person who cut you up in traffic might be racing home in an emergency, the person who dropped the door on you might have just lost a loved one, the person who was rude to you in the shop might be struggling with their mental health. Much better to be kind than rude to them, when your words or actions could break them.


Have you ever been touched by someones kindness and felt compelled to pass it on? Does the thought of random acts of kindness unsettle you?

What would be your ultimate kindness act?





80 thoughts on “How to make Kindness part of your day

  1. I didn’t realise it was world kindness day today. I often leave out items that I no longer need fo rothers to take. It really brightens up your day when someone does something nice.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love all of these! More people need to do more if these things. Although as someone that lives in London I’m not sure how well saying hello to random people would go down with strangers or infact if it would even be possible with such crowds; funny image though! 🤣

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Well said, for me kindness isn’t giving someone your seat on the subway because they are loaded down with stuff, that’s manners.

    Kindness is a RUGGED commitment to treating others and ourselves generously and seeing people as more than what’s presented in a particular moment.

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  4. I love anything that encourages kindness. I love that you reminded us all to be kind to others in our thoughts too by giving people the benefit of the doubt if they make a mistake or act a bit rude or whatever it might be.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What great ideas for spreading kindness – no matter what day it is, we can find ways to be kind to others. And the more you practice being kind, the more you want to!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What practical ideas for spreading kindness. It truly is a choice to be kind, and you have a ton of great little ways we can help put a smile on someone’s face.

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  7. I had such a special moment this year. I was at the supermarket cash out when an elderly woman pushed her cart into line behind me. It was obvious (to anyone who is height challenged as myself) that she was not going to be able to reach the groceries in her cart to place them on the counter. I asked her if I could help her. She obviously did not understand English but we muddled through the conversation with hand gestures and I emptied her cart as the cashier rang through my purchases. She smiled, I smiled, I paid for my groceries and started to move out of the line. Just then, I looked up and saw a middle aged man watching me. He looked straight at me and said “Thank you for helping my mother”. It was so sweet and so genuine. As a mother myself, his obvious respect and affection for his mother was so very touching. It was definitely one of my favourite memories of 2019.

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  8. Holding the door or smiling to someone who maybe is not having the best day ever are simple gestures and can make someone to feel better (even if only for a second). I always say that kindness is the only free luxury we can afford these days. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Oh wow! That is super sad that we are so untrusting of people. I never really thought about it in that way that we aren’t even receiving kindness. If we don’t receive it, how do we give it. Loved all these ideas and your illustration. Thank you!

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  10. Such a beautiful and elegant post. I loved how you left that envelop with money for someone to use and also questioned the trust factor we have when people show kindness. It’s true we have become so absorbed in our own worlds that when someone shows kindness to us without any reason we end up doubting their motives, I often do. However all my life I have tried to be kind and thoughtful to people I have come across in any way I can. I wish people were kinder, the world would be such a nicer place to be.

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  11. There are so many days, most social media inventions… that I kind of stop paying attention, shame I missed this important one. Having said that, you’re absolutely right, we shall be kind as often as we can. Acts of kindness are part of my days while travelling although, must say, not as much in London. Thank you for the tips.

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  12. I love all these. There is never enough kindness in the world. I follow a mom on Instagram and she said instead of asking her kids how their day was, she asks them what they did today to be kind. I love that because it is teaching our children how to be kind to others and how important it is to be kind.

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  13. Oh wow… This is such a good observation. We really have become untrusting. I mean, I don’t think I’d randomly be able to accept something like that either. But I like your suggestions, such as paying it backwards! That’s sweet and in the moment, nothing fishy about it hehe 🙂

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  14. Great post! Kindness is so important and there’s definitely not enough of it. Doing even one small kindness each day can make such a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I didn’t know their was a Kindness Day, but every day should be Kindness Day. We try to do random acts of kindness wherever we can. Last week we took some flowers to a neighbour whom we don’t know that well but we had heard she had a bad fall off her bike.

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  16. I love all of the Christmas kindness ideas. Putting an extra emphasis on acts of kindness around Christmas time is something I want to begin with my children. They are 2 now. I’ve been mulling around some ideas to start a kindness tradition. Your suggestions definitely have gotten my mind going!! Thanks for sharing!

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  17. Everyday is a kindness day if we think of it like that. And being kind to everyone as well as ourselves matter the most. I love all the ideas you share! A sweet word to someone and a smile really goes a long way.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I’m from Pittsburgh which is the birthplace and home base of Mr. Rogers who inspired World Kindness Day. We were all encouraged to wear cardigan sweaters in memory of him on the 13th. Reading this reminded me of him and the message of kindness that he preached on his show every week.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. What a brilliant day! Love your tips for sprinkling kindness throughout your day, and a lot of variety as well. There are so many different ways to spread kindness other than just paying someone a compliment. Love the ones for the holiday season as it is such a hard time for many families. Thank you for such an inspiring post x

    Liked by 1 person

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