Perfect memorial gift guide


Gift giving


One of my favourite things about any special occasion is buying gifts for people. Be it a birthdays Christmas, Easter or a Tuesday, I love picking something special out to give to someone I care about.

But when someone has  lost a loved one, Special occasions can be really difficult to celebrate but it is important that we don’t shy away from that. It is during these special days that support is needed even more.

For me a really good way to show someone that you are still thinking of them and their loved one is to remember this when it comes to buying a gift for them.


Memorial Gift ideas



At Christmas last year I bought my Dad a large multi-aperture frame. I then filled it with pictures of him and my Mum throughout the years, but also more recent pictures of him and the grandchildren.

Picture frame gift
A picture of Dad’s gift last year

It meant a huge amount to him and it looks great in his house, a year later almost and I look at it each time I’m there.


Forever Christmas angel


When I am buying gifts, I always try to buy from small business on facebook. I know how much work goes in to handmade gifts and I like the idea of supporting the little guy rather than lining the pockets of a big brand.

This year I found the perfect gift for my Dad thanks to Wiggles and Boo. This is something that can be put out each year at Christmas. She was always our Christmas angel.



Christmas Bauble


Another gift I purchased thanks to a Facebook business, this time from S & J Family Crafts. This beautiful bauble takes pride of place on my Dad’s tree, and it will do for many years to come.

Memorial Christmas Bauble
Feathers appear when loved ones are near


A family Scrapbook


I made a scrapbook for my Mum for her last Birthday with us. It now stays in Mum’s memory box. I haven’t looked at it for a while now because it is still too hard but knowing that she saw this before she passed away and that we can keep it forever is really special.

As a gift though, this is a really thoughtful way of showing someone left behind, that their loved one is still very important to you all.


Memorial Jewellery


This is such a personal choice to buy for someone, and I’d say you’d have to know the person very well to be able to pick the right item for you.

But this is a wonderful way to gift someone a chance to keep a part of their loved one with them at all times.

You can order from many places, Etsy have some beautiful items, as does Amazon. Here is a selection Memorial Jewellery.


Memorial Plant


When Mum passed away, a dear friend of mine bought Dad and I a beautiful Clematis plant. Not only were they Mum’s favourites the best bit was that it was named ‘Pauline’ just like my beautiful Mum.

Every time I look at it I think of her but I am also reminded of the wonderful kindness behind the gift.

Pauline's Clematis


A star

Again, I can’t tell you what this gift meant to my whole family. Some very thoughtful friends bought a star in my Mum’s name and it is the most perfect gift.

I will always think of her every time I look at the stars.

Star gift



A donation

Another option is to make a donation in their name to a charity close to their heart. For example, this year I am not sending Christmas cards but instead will donate in Mum’s memory to the Hospice who cared for her.


However you decide to show a person that you’re thinking of them on these difficult dates, just know how much it will mean to them and their families.

Please note all of these items were bought by me or gifted by friends and not for any promotional value.



Has anyone bought a gift for you that has helped you through your grief? Or have you bought something for someone else who was grieving for a loved one? If so what did you buy them?



36 thoughts on “Perfect memorial gift guide

  1. Such a lovely and unique gift guide, Claire. As you know we lost my Granddad in August so I’ve bought two baubles this year with his name and birthday on to put on the tree. I got one last year for my boyfriend’s dog, who passed away in November and I think it’s such a nice idea to remember people (and dogs) by during the holiday season. Edge Inspired are a great company for beautiful baubles! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a lovely guide 🙂
    Last year my daughters bought their Dad a brick at his Dad’s favourite football ground in his memory.
    This year I’m getting some of their Grandad’s jumpers made into a memorial bear for them each. It’s only been a year since he passed away and they are really missing his hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I honestly never thought of getting another person a gift when it comes to memorial , but at least now I can start practicing this. I especially loved the picture frame and the star idea. That’s genius.

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  4. This is such a great post sharing unique & beautiful gift ideas for those struggling with loss. Every year we buy something that is Robin related because we have always believed that “when someone you’ve lost is near, Robin’s appear”
    I love all of these ideas and I might have to do a couple of them for my mum. Thank you for the inspiration

    Liked by 1 person

  5. All great ideas for sweet, precious, treasures. I laser engraved a “Love, Dad” from a Christmas card onto a wooden Christmas ornament for us since it was in his own handwriting it makes it extra special to me!
    Thanks for more ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. These are beautiful ideas. I have no idea what I could possibly do to make this Christmas any easier for not only me but my family. After having lost both Granny and Granda so quickly, it’s just so hard to know. My family have called off Christmas this year. They aren’t even decorating, so I don’t know if a gift in relation to Granny or Granda would be well received. But great to keep in mind for next year.

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  7. A plant is a lovely way to remember someone, we have a rose in the garden that was gifted to my Mum when we lost my Nan early this year. It’s grown really well, and hopefully will come back next spring.
    A great guide.

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