Our Winter Bucket List

The Most wonderful time of year

Am I right? Don’t need to answer that, I already know it is.

I really do not need any excuse to talk about Christmas Winter. It is honestly the highlight of my year.

I love it when there is the chance of snow, I love the darker evenings, I love how cosy life feels in winter and of course Christmas!

To continue with the posts that I have created for the other seasons (except spring.. poor overlooked spring!) here is our new list




Our Winter Bucket List


⇒ Get the house beautifully decorated for Christmas

⇒ Write and or make Christmas Cards

⇒ Make Mince Pies

⇒ Watch Elf at least twice!

⇒ Have a Christmas Disco

⇒ Make a gingerbread house

⇒ Go to London to see the Christmas lights

⇒ Write Letters to Santa

⇒ Go to a Christmas Market

⇒ Spend time with family

⇒ Wrap presents together

⇒ Have lots of fun with the Elves

⇒ Make a den and watch Christmas films in Christmas Pjs

⇒ Go and Visit Santa

⇒ Take a drive to see the Christmas Lights

⇒ Each buy a new Christmas tree ornament

⇒ Drink Cocktails

⇒ Have a toy clear out and donate to a local charity shop

⇒ Have a Santa Breakfast with friends

⇒ Play in the snow … WE MUST GET SNOW!


I am super excited for the weeks ahead.


I’d love to hear what you guys have planned for Winter and any must do Christmas activities.



55 thoughts on “Our Winter Bucket List

  1. Erm, can you adopt me please? This is an excellent Winter bucket list! I hadn’t thought of doing one of these, we do summer holiday ones, but I think I might pinch your idea (sorry, be inspired by your idea) and make one for us.
    I know one thing on it is to take part in a live Nativity at a local farm with real animals! I can’t wait for that one.

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  2. I don’t really do winter or Christmas bucket lists, but I do do some of what you have mentioned.

    Personally, I feel Christmas is over-rated (big time). It’s just another normal day to me, but I do get to be with family.

    By all means call me Scrooge (hehe)

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  3. I love your list! There’s a farm we’ve been going to that has thousands of lights. It’s absolutely beautiful! We didn’t get to go last year because it flooded, so I’m hoping it’s open this year!

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  4. This is a great list! As I’m not allowed to put the tree up until next week, I have already written my cards, getting into the spirit. I’m determined to make some gingerbread stuff (people, animals, houses, I don’t know) as well!

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  5. Lovely list! I love to write letters to Santa and I just love Christmas (by religion though I am not Christian, yet..) And I would love to make one gingerbread house too. I am pinning it. So excited I got to read and get an idea to make a list now. Thanks a lot. 💕😇

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  6. I love your Winter Bucket List! Last night we decorated our tree while watching Elf and it was so much fun. Tomorrow we are taking the kids to see Santa. One of my absolute favorite things to do during this time is to take a drive to look at the Christmas lights. That is definitely something we are going to have to do at least once!

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  7. This is a great winter bucket list! Making gingerbread houses, baking cookies, watching movies, seeing lights, skating, and taking my pets to see Santa are just a few things on my list! It sounds like you’re going to have a great Christmas!

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  8. what a beautiful bucket list! lovely idea to make a list, you have inspired me to make one for my own. This actually helps to keep everything in perspective and try to seize every moment of this gorgeous season.


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